Formed from a salty nomadic lifestyle, Celeste Twikler designs & gathers exotic treasures from colourful and distant regions such as India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Nepal, giving you access to a lifestyle of bohemian opulence.

She has an unbridled passion for creativity. It is the ‘unlikely’ that inspires Celeste and this is reflected in her work that is as easy to appreciate as it is difficult to categorise.

Celeste Twikler is a brand that showcases her designs and a collection of products found in her travels that inspire her lifestyle and creativity.

When she catches her breath, Celeste can be found surfing or skateboarding around Byron Bay, where she currently resides.

Celeste is a jewellery, clothing and homewares designer, painter and Illustrator, with a talent for capturing the beauty of the fleeting moment. She is also an importer with a passion for interior design and styling.

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