Cleaning and care instructions

Jewellery, it's a precious embellishment we choose for ourselves.  

It speaks loudly to others about who we are without even saying a word. 

Celeste wants to make it easy for you to keep your jewellery in its optimum condition so it can be worn and shown with pride. 


Jewellery is not indestructible and needs to be treated with care. Every piece of Celeste Twikler jewellery is individually inspected before being sent out to our customers to ensure there are no kinks or faults. To improve the longevity of plating and strength:

Do not 

✧ Bang, scratch, tear and squash your jewellery.

✧ Drop on a hard surface such as stone or slate.

✧ Storing in direct sunlight, high temperatures or humidity.

✧ Wear in swimming pools/spa/saunas.

✧ Saltwater or mineral water. 

✧ Mild or harsh chemicals. 

Before wearing Celeste Twikler jewellery be certain that any;

✧ Perfumes.

✧ Moisturizers.

✧ Hair products/sprays.

✧ Makeup.

✧ Detergents.

are already absorbed into the skin as they may cause your jewellery to tarnish or may damage the metals over time. 

Avoid strenuous activity when wearing CT jewellery such as;

✧ Lifting.

✧ Gardening.

✧ Exercise.

✧ Cleaning (especially when using chemicals). 

When you are not wearing your jewellery please store it in an airtight ziplock bag in a box where it cannot be squashed, away from direct sunlight or heat. *This excludes herringbone and snake chains and they can not be squished. They must be laid out flat or hung up safely.

Why an airtight ziplock bag? This will help reduce tarnish, especially with brass pieces. (Read brass information). 


Everyday reasonable wear of our 18k plated pieces without taking off, may tarnish within 4 months to a year. 

If you follow our full care instructions it can last years.

If the plating wears off we choose brass as the base for most pieces, this means the item will still appear gold but just dull in lustre. Please note all our chain bases are 100% recycled sterling silver, not brass. 


Chains cannot be bent or squashed in any way. When not in use we suggest carefully hanging it from a hook where it cannot be bent or squashed. 

Jewellery is not indestructible and needs to be treated with care. Each chain is individually inspected before being sent out to our customers to ensure there are no kinks or faults. 


Any darkening or discolouration that occurs on jewellery is generally due to oxidation. It is normal and will happen to all jewellery over time (brass or silver).

Celeste uses only high-quality nickel-free brass when producing her designs.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and will naturally tarnish or darken when exposed to oxygen, this can be reduced with correct storage and care. 

The colour of brass is unique to each individual; some find it stays bright and shiny others may get a slight green tinge on their skin, this is harmless it just looks odd.

This green tinge can be caused by a few different factors, the most common being heat and humidity, sweat or an acidic diet or saltwater. 

Celeste suggests mixing your brass and sterling silver jewellery pieces and wearing them altogether. 


Like all jewellery, sterling silver jewellery will tarnish over time.

Sterling silver is made up of mostly pure silver and a small mix of other metals such as copper, or zinc to give the pure silver (soft) harder durability. Celeste Twikler sterling silver is 100% nickel-free, recycled, and Certified by the London Bullion Market Association (now known simply as LBMA), which is the global authority on precious metals.

92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals.

While we guarantee all our sterling silver is 925 we do not always stamp our designs with the 925 stamps as occasionally it interferes with our design aesthetic. 

If you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of the sterling silver please contact us at



Use only a brass specific polish cloth for brass items. 

We suggest following our full care instructions to reduce the need for cleaning.

If you would like advice on natural cleaning alternatives please contact us at


✧ Hand wash separately in mild detergent (colours may run) dry flat in the shade.

✧ Dry clean.

Celeste chooses to design using only organic cotton or recycled silk, these materials must be worn and washed with care.