Cleaning and care instructions

Jewellery is like a little treasure we pick out for ourselves. It's our silent shout-out to the world about our style and personality, so I want to helpensure your jewellery stays sparkling and ready to dazzle!

Our brass, silver, and gold beauties are made from premium alloys, each with a guaranteed carat rating. They're also nickel-free!


Jewellery is not indestructible and needs to be treated with care. Every piece of Celeste Twikler jewellery is inspected individually before being sent to my customers to ensure no kinks or faults.

To improve the longevity of plating and strength:

Do not

✧ Bang, scratch, tear and squash your jewellery.

✧ Drop on a hard surface such as stone or slate.

✧ Storing in direct sunlight, high temperatures or humidity.

✧ Wear in swimming pools/spa/saunas.

✧ Saltwater or mineral water.

✧ Mild or harsh chemicals.

Before wearing Celeste Twikler jewellery, be certain that any;

✧ Perfumes.

✧ Moisturizers.

✧ Hair products/sprays.

✧ Makeup.

✧ Detergents.

are already absorbed into the skin as they may cause your jewellery to tarnish or damage the metals over time.

Avoid strenuous activity when wearing CT jewellery, such as;

✧ Lifting.

✧ Gardening.

✧ Exercise.

✧ Cleaning (especially when using chemicals).

When your jewellery is off duty, give it a cozy home in a ziplock bag within a secure box, far from pesky heat or sunlight. So, why the ziplock treatment? It's the anti-tarnish charm, especially for brass buddies. ( up on brass deets!) Oh, and by the way, herringbone and snake chains are divas - they demand to be laid flat or hung up with care, and no squishing is allowed!


The Celeste Twikler 18k gold-plated pieces boast layers of luxury with multiple-micron plating. The durability of the plating hinges on individual lifestyle choices. For instance, individuals who work at a computer and consistently remove their jewellery can expect the gold plating to remain intact and gold to shine on for months, maybe even years. But if you're more of a mermaid or gym junkie who never parts ways with your jewellery, well, the gold might bid adieu sooner.

If your gold plating decides to vacation, I always opt for brass as the base metal for my rings. This way, your piece will maintain its golden hue with a hint of shyness, never revealing a secret silver side! Heads up, though, this golden rule only applies to rings; our chains strut a sterling silver base. Why? Because rings lose their shine faster than chains - fashion physics, you know!


I use only premium nickel-free brass when producing my designs. No cheap mixed metals from our childhood days here!

I treat each piece with a specialized polish to prevent discolouration or a greenish tinge that may occur under certain conditions. The polish lasts one to eight months, and I offer a service for reapplying.

There are also many natural tricks to keep your treasures sparkling or prevent them from losing their shine. Every now and then, your sparkly jewellery might start to show moody shades or discolouration; blame it on oxidation! Oxidation is like a natural aging process that can add character to your jewellery. If this style doesn't float your boat, fret not! It could head for a spa day and get a zesty makeover with a salt-and-vinegar spritz to revive its sparkle!

The colour of brass dances uniquely on each person's skin - some flaunt a gleaming shine, while others might sport a hint of green. A green mark is generally harmless; it will show up in heat and humidity, sweat, and an acidic diet but can easily be washed away with a little bit of soap. For example, I live in the hot and humid Byron Bay, and I only get green marks in the middle of summer when I am doing markets and the brass on me stays bright and appears very similar to gold. I have another friend who lives on tomatoes, and her brass is a little dull due to an acidic diet (but she loves the vintage look and never lets me polish them)

So, what is the secret to keeping your brass beauties bright? Rock them as often as you can, even during a beach day! Just rinse them off with fresh water, keep them on, and voilà - sparkling jewellery magic!

An insider tip for keeping your brass bling sparkling is wearing it as much as possible. Yes, even a dip in the salty sea is fine if you rinse it with fresh water and rock it non-stop. Problems usually pop up when you take it off without a rinse. But if you must part ways, give it a good rinse, dry it completely, and tuck it away in a snug zip-lock bag for safekeeping.


Like all jewellery, even sterling silver jewellery will tarnish over time.

The Fundamental rings are made from recycled 925 Sterling silver and Certified by the London Bullion Market Association (now known simply as LBMA), the global authority on precious metals. The Atlantis collection is made from standard 925 sterling silver.

While I pinky-promise that the sterling silver is top-notch 925 quality, I sometimes skip the 925 stamp to keep my designs looking fly and fabulous!

If you've got trust issues with the sterling silver, shoot me a message at


Chains cannot be bent or squashed. When not in use, I suggest carefully hanging it from a hook that cannot be bent or squashed.

Jewellery is not indestructible and needs to be treated with care. Each chain is inspected individually before being sent out to our customers to ensure no kinks or faults.


Grab a brass-specific polishing cloth for those beauties - they deserve the royal treatment!

Don't feel like cleaning? No worries! Please follow our care guide to keep your pieces shining without the hassle.

Looking for natural cleaning tips? Drop us a line at!


✧ Gently hand wash in mild detergent and let them bask in the shade to dry.

✧ Prefer the deluxe treatment? Go for dry cleaning.

At Celeste, we're all about eco-lovin' with organic cotton and recycled silk threads. Treat 'em with love during wear and wash - they'll thank you for it!