What will I receive with my order?

Celeste Twikler is a proud #betterfriend. All orders will be sent in a better packaging compost pack. 
Your jewellery comes placed in one of the following elegant Celeste Twikler boxes.
✧ Craft brown/gold foil logo. Eco-Friendly, Recycled Fsc. 
✧ Black/embossed logo. Eco-friendly, Recycled Fsc. 
✧ White/gold foil logo. These can be recycled but are not made from recycled materials (being phased out)
✧Tissue paper with gold Celeste Twikler logo.
The item of jewellery will determine its packaging.
Each box is tied securely with Celeste Twikler linen ribbon.
You will receive one complimentary polish cloth with each order. 
All placed in a white nonwoven carry bag with gold logo. These bags are breathable, biodegradable and can be 100 % recycled. Non woven bags are environment-friendly reusable bags. Non woven bags are commonly known as green bags.
All gold foil is eco-friendly.