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How many styles do you have in the Celeste Twikler summer range?

The Chandrani collection has over twenty designs which incorporate the use of brass, silver, cowrie shells, turquoise and Celestite. 
Boho-glam and gypsy are the two distinct styles I went for because of how I was feeling at the time. I was travelling through India and seeing the culture, beauty and grace of the Indian women, especially the Banjara (nomadic/gypsy) women had me so intrigued. 
Any piece I design begins with an idea or inspiration from what is around me or a personal need for something specific, I then add elements for versatility so anyone can wear it, no matter your personal style. I made the collection perfect to wear with a crochet bikini or an LBD.
When did you launch Celeste Twikler?

It's hard to say really, somewhere around 2011. I had no plan to launch a jewellery business. 
I was merely tinkering around with jewellery in my spare time as I was an illustrator. It was all more of an evolution rather than a decision. I had done a few jewellery illustrations for clients before, I was bringing their ideas to life through drawings and had so many of my own ideas so I thought "Well why can't I do this for myself?" 
It was after this realisation that I decided to unite two of my greatest loves - jewellery and illustration - and started getting a little more serious about it seeing as from my early teens I was always pulling apart stuff I found in op shops or even my mum's stuff to reinvent pieces I wanted to wear but couldn't find. However, it was my first trip to India where I can truly say it began to take the form of what it is now.
Where is Celeste Twikler based from?

I spend my time in Suffolk Park just outside Byron Bay. It was a place I really enjoyed visiting, so I decided to make my favourite holiday destination, my home, to me that just makes sense. I found a great little beach shack about 50 metres from the beach which suits me perfectly. I have since attached a little studio to it.
The studio can open up completely so I feel like I am outside even when sitting at my computer! I still feel like I am on holidays, even after all these years. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I love my job- you know what they say: "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life".
What led you to the decision to launch your jewellery brand Celeste Twikler?

The first serious collection 'Elemental' I launched in 2014. 
It all came about while I was in India. As I said earlier, I had always played around with making small pieces for myself and family and selling them at markets alongside my illustration. I was in Rajasthan when I sat down with my sketchbook at the end of the day and thought. "If I could wear any piece of jewellery what would it be?" I tried to block out any fashion trends that were happening at the time and focused on why I started making jewellery in the first place. It got me thinking about the first piece of jewellery I ever made. It was an elastic cuff that I spent days sewing on as many cowrie shells as I possibly could. After this, the ideas started flowing and it just came together so well. I was even lucky enough to stumble across some beautiful vintage cowries a few days later which had so much character. After the response I received from the first range, I thought I had better keep it up, and the second range, 'Chandrani' was born. It has been received just as well, if not better than the Elemental collection. I am itching to design next year's range, I already have a few ideas brewing!
Who is the Celeste Twikler girl?

We all are.
I don't think there is one typical Celeste Twikler girl. 
It can be a woman that has a desire for travel and cultures. A girl that has a love for nature and the sea and it's reflected in her style and easy way of living. The woman that plans her outfits around her jewellery rather than the other way around, someone that stacks & layers all her favourite pieces and mixes silver and brass, she doesn't just wear it how it's shown in the product picture she makes it her own. A woman that enjoys fashion but it doesn't rule her and it would never get in the way of truly enjoying an adventure it would only be a natural part of it. The beauty of all Celeste Twikler \ girls is to be who you are and find a little bit of amazing in everything every day of her life. 
Tell us a bit about the ethos behind the Celeste Twikler brand?

Everything with good intentions or not at all. 
What has been one of your favourite Celeste Twikler styles of all time?
The Fundamental ring. I came up with the design and words in about 10 minutes. I sat back, looked at the drawing and said to myself "Yep, nailed it". I wear it every day and no one but no one will prise it from me. It's still one of my best sellers and I have now introduced it in sterling silver.
If you could have anyone wear Celeste Twikler who would it be?

Easy! Rocky Barnes, Flick Palmateer, Olive Cooke & Madeline Joy Relph, their adventures on Instagram so inspiring. . So if you're out there ladies…
What is your favourite summer style?

A loose and natural-toned beach dress with layers and layers of effortless jewellery that has been collected from friends loved ones and every corner of the globe, a big grin from surfing all day and unbrushed hair. 
Where is your favourite summer designation?
Vanuatu. The Blue Lagoon was a dream come true. I was lucky enough to go there for my 30th birthday.
Actually, I even made a crochet mermaid tail to swim around in just for the occasion.
Your only 30 in a blue lagoon once so you may as well do it with style. 
How would you describe Celeste Twikler in five words?
Who am I to judge myself, so those who know me say I'm impulsive, shy, resourceful, generous and hungry. I'm always hungry! 
Do you have any exciting future plans for the label?

Always. I'm planning to get to Turkey and Morocco next. I would love to give homewares and clothing a go so that I can return with more than just jewellery ideas. 
What is a quote or piece of advice you live by?

Live by the sea, swear by the moon, love by the stars, care for the earth. 
Summer is all about… The feeling that something exciting is about to happen.
Image Josie Clough 

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